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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Workings Of Laser Printers

Laser Printers are commonly used printers that are known for its rapid printing abilities.  The other marked feature of a laser printer is the high quality text and graphics printing.  It works basically on the principle of the xerographic printing process.  However, it is different from the analog photocopying machines in which the image produced is the result of direct scan of a laser beam on the photoreceptor of the printer.

Using a laser printer has a number of advantages over any other types of printers available. The speed of a laser printer varies from one model to another as it depends on a number of factors like the graphic intensity required in processing the job and others.  The latest models of laser printers can print more than 200 single monochrome pages in one minute, which is more than 12 thousand pages in an hour!  The color laser printers are relatively slower, but even they can print at more than 100 pages per minute.  The high speed laser printers are generally used for printing of mass mailings like utility or credit card bills etc.

The cost incurred in using the laser printing technology is dependent on more than one feature such as the cost of the toner, paper, once in a while replacement of the drum, and change required in other consumable parts of the printer like paper feed system rollers, the transfer assembly and the fuser assembly.  Laser printers having drums made of soft plastic can be costlier in the long run than one can comprehend; its high overall cost becomes apparent only when the printer requires a drum replacement.

Another feature in the family of laser printers is the duplexing model.  This allows printing on both sides of a paper without the need to remove the paper at all.  This technology can cut paper cost directly into half and also lessen the filling volumes.  Formerly, the duplexing technology was available only on the high-end laser printers.  However, now they can be seen on a number of mid-range office laser printers. Although, the duplexing technology can reduce the printing speed to some extent as the paper path length increases.

The dot-matrix and inkjet printers take the incoming spooled data for the printer and directly print that on the paper making it a slow process which can stop as soon as the printer is waiting for more data.  On the other hand, a laser printer cannot work this way, the reason being the large amount of data required to output to the printer in a continuous fashion.  The printer cannot wait for data arrival and if that happens, there can be gaps and misalignment on the page.

To take care of the above problem, a printer buffer is used.  The data is built up and kept in the large printer buffer that is generally present in the printer.  This data bank is large enough to account for every single dot that can be printed on a page.  However, this requirement of storing the dots in the memory before printing can begin which has limited the printing capability of laser printers to small size like 8.5x11 or 8.5x14.  Most laser printer cannot print long banners as there is no memory to hold that amount of data.

The printing takes place in seven steps. A Raster Image Processor scans the entire page line by line and stores a bitmap of the page in the raster memory. The drum is then charged negatively and the bitmap is written on the photosensitive drum using a laser beam whose functionality is dependent on the bitmap image. The charged toner particles are charged negatively and wherever the laser has not discharged the drum, the charges will repel and printing won`t take place, hence creating the required print out. The toner contains a plastic powder that is attracted to the parts where the laser beam hit and in the end the plastic powder is fused at 200 degree Celsius to bond the ink with the paper.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Connecting Your Copier Machine to Your Personal Computer

Copying document is one daily task that you will have in your daily business and any other commercial activities.  It is one advanced technology that will let you duplicate your data by using a piece of electronic equipment.  There are lot choices of products and also all types of devices that you can purchase in the market.  All of them will give you all the benefits of having a digital copier machine in the paper copier process.  You’ll need to choose the right products by determining the ideal types and features that will fit your needs.  This machine will help you to get the simplest process going, in managing your data.  In the daily operation, you’ll need to connect this device to your personal computer to make it work for you.  In making the connection, you can follow some of the simple processes below, to get the proper method of operation.

First, you will need to either prepare the USB cable or Ethernet cable (whichever the case may be) that will help you to connect the computer to the copier machine.  You will then need to make sure that you have located the USB cable or Ethernet cable that will be plugged into the copier machine receptacle.  This plug in receptacle is usually located some wear near the power control or the control panel of the machine.  After finishing this step, you’ll also need to plug the USB device into your computer directly or directly into an Ethernet hub for the network, (which ever the case may be) in order to make a connection to tie the two devices together properly.  If it is your first connection process, you will then need to download and install the proper copier driver (usually obtained from your manufacture’s website or disk provided by the manufacture) in your computer to support the connection.  Again, sometimes the driver is packaged along with your copier product at the time of purchase.  After both of them are connected, you’ll need to restart them and you may find that both of them are already connected and ready for printing.  If so, you’re done with the connection process; but If not, then you may have to consult with an IT person, to configure the devices on the network properly, especially if you’re tying into an existing multi workstation network.

Getting the best understanding and method on how your situation is setup to connect to your copier machine along with your personal computer will give you all the benefits of having the best performance of the copier machine features and capabilities.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Copier Machine Product Examples

A copier machine is commonly used in offices and school places as they provide copying purposes that is part of these community structures.  Xerox Corporation presented the first in the year 1949.  Photocopy machines are widely known as Xerox machines back then.

Nowadays, copier machine apparatus' are more advanced.  Top quality can provide high-grade photocopying tasks such as copying colored materials like photograph pictures.  Manufacturers continue to develop more useful copy machine models to meet the growing demands, in the field.

Office Copiers
Copier machine equipment is ordinarily found in every office corner.  Most offices prefer to use digital machines, due to its ability to save more time, money and make employees at work to be more productive.

One type of copier machine is the Sharp AR-208D.  It is designed for small spaced offices.  This model comes in desktop size printers.  Despite the size this machine has, it also has 600 dpi PC Printing, electronic sorting plus standard color PC scanning features.  AR-208D can make 20 document copies per minute and can produce, at most, 99 document copies if placed in continuous copying setting.

All in One printers
All in one printers are the latest models produced by different manufacturers. These machines provide Fax printing, document printing, scanning and photocopying tasks.  The design was created to deliver the most commonly used features all in one package and thus, increase productivity levels using such machines.

HP LaserJet M1319f MFP is an example of the latest all in one printer manufactured by HP. This machine provides scanning, faxing, printing and copying services.  This equipment is both a cost-efficient and time efficient investment due to its multi tasking abilities.  This machine can print a maximum 8000 pages per month, make 99 document copies per day and can hold up to 500 pages of 8.5x11” size fax memory.

Personal machines provide the portability of convenience and ease of access.  Personal sized copiers are tailored small and light to allow users to move around and still access their copiers without any hassle.

Canon PC170 copier machine is an analog copying device that can fit in small spaces.  The size of this equipment is 32" width and 4.5" height.  It is comparable to the usual flat DVD player.  Personal Copiers like this makes copying services available at home and at places wherever the user wishes to go.

A copier machines is one of the many great contributions of technology that help improve lives and create quality living.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, Smart Ways to Compare Copier Machines

Copier machines are office supplies that hold an important role for running the business.  When you are about to get this machine, you have to be sure that you get the best machine that fits your needs.  This is because this machine does not come in a one-size-fits-all option.

In order to get the best machine that you need, you should make some comparisons among the available copier machines in the market.  There are three main things that you should compare when you are looking for this machine for your needs. They are; the features, the size and the price of the machine.

When looking for the features in copiers, you should look at the speed of the machines to do the copying jobs.  You should also look at the automated options that they have and also other things that can be done by the machines instead of just copying.  You will find that there are some options available for the machines that have the multifunction feature; such as scanning, printing, and faxing.  You will find that these types of copiers will be a very great addition for your business.  Therefore, it is important to know the features that you need before deciding on which copier you will go with.

The copiers that you can find in the market might come in many sizes.  You will find that the commercial machines will take up a large footprint area in any specific room.   Keep in mind though; these types of copiers only bring benefits for the larger type companies, which do larger and bigger amounts of copying jobs.  If you are going to use the machine for your own personal use or in departments of a smaller company that only have a few employees, you could choose a medium size or smaller one.

Price might be the most important consideration that you may have to compare when purchasing copier machines for your needs.  You should look at all the features of the machines, so that you can determine whether the machines are worth it or not to buy.  

Make sure that you choose the copiers that have the features that you will probably be using the most for your needs.  You will find that it is not worth purchasing the copiers with features that you do not need.  Also remember, new is not the only option you have, there is a very good selection of refurbished copiers today in the market place, which can save you a considerable amount of money, and perform most any type of copier, printer, scan, or fax job very successfully and reliably.

Now, you can purchase the right type of copier machine by doing these types of comparisons. You will find that doing such comparisons will be a very important step in your decision making process, in order not to regret it in the future.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Call 847-398-5212, How to Save Money on Printer Toner Cartridges

The time to start saving money on printer toner cartridges is before you buy a printer.  It's a good idea to consider how much it's going to cost to print a page.  In some cases, the ink cartridge manufacturer will give an estimate of the number of pages a printer ink toner cartridge will print.  These estimates are highly variable and depend on your particular printing habits.  Graphics printing, for example, will consume more toner than text printing.

Consider Operating Costs in Addition to Price
Resist the temptation to buy that bargain-priced laser printer, even if it's a brand name.  Narrow your choice down to a couple of models and investigate the cost of toner cartridges for each.  It might just turn out to be, that the cost of toner ink cartridges for the inexpensive printer is higher than for the more expensive one.  Here's an example: Black ink toner cartridges for an inexpensive printer may cost $25.00 and yield 200 copies.  That works out to a per-page cost of .125.  For the higher priced printer, ink cartridges might cost $35.00 and yield 1000 copies.  In this case, the per-page cost is .035.  So in the long run, the more expensive printer is actually cheaper to operate.  Also, since you don't need to change the expensive cartridge as often, it's better for the environment.  Finally, the more expensive printer is likely to have superior speed, construction and durability.

Other Ink Conservation Tricks
The software that comes with your printer probably gives you some choices for print quality.  As a general rule, the higher the print quality, the more ink it requires.  For every day printing needs, set your printer software to "economy" or "draft" to make laser printer toner cartridges last longer.  It's a simple matter to reset the printer to a higher print quality when you need to.  Also, give some thought to why you print.  If you need to share information with others, why not send an electronic copy rather than a printed one?  If you need to preserve information, why not back it up electronically using a free online backup service?  This strategy works for low-volume backups.  For higher volume, consider a low-cost service like Carbonite.

Finally, to really help save on ink toner costs simply don't print unless it's necessary.   By implementing some of these simple techniques, you'll cut down on the cost of printer toner cartridges.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, What Kind of Paper Folder Should You Use?

Folding paper by hand is time consuming and takes time away from other more important projects. Many businesses use employees to manually fold paper for mailers, invoices and more.  These are commonly referred to as "folding parties."  The end result is usually a bunch of paper cuts and crookedly folded paper.  What if there was a faster, more accurate and more precise way to fold paper?  There is. It is called a paper folder.

Automated folders, in the past, received a bad reputation due to jams and complicated setup and operation.  Modern paper folders have come a long way.  They are more compact, easier to set up, and the jams are very few and far between.  Looking for the right paper folder may be more daunting than setting one up.

Folding machines are set up into several categories, depending on the volume, the paper and the type of fold.  The two most basic categories are friction feed and air feed folders.  The biggest factor between these two types of folders is the paper being used.  Friction feed paper folders do not handle glossy paper well, but air feed (pneumatic) paper folders do.

Friction-feed paper folders are the most common folding machine used today.  They use rubber rollers to grasp paper and pull it into the machine to be folded.  Most friction style models can handle standard 20lb copy paper.  You will, however, have to check to see if the paper folder you are looking at can handle thicker cardstock.  Many machines can, but you will want to verify this before making a purchase.

Most friction-feed models can do a single fold, a Z fold and a C fold.  Additional folds, such as a gate or French fold, will depend on the machine being used.  The Z and C folds are the most common used, due to the fact that these fold paper for a size 10 envelope.  A Z fold looks like the letter Z and is accordion-like in shape.  A C fold looks like a letter C and opens like a letter (often referred to as a letter fold).

Friction feed folders are typically available in manual setup, semi-automatic and fully automatic designs. The names are self-explanatory.  Manual setup paper folders require the folding plates to be manually adjusted.  Semi-automatic designs require some manual adjustments and a fully automatic paper folder is controlled by a computer with the folds being set automatically.

Air feed machines use an air compressor to suck paper into the machine, rather than use a rubber wheel.  This allows these types of folders to work with glossy, slick paper.  Pneumatic paper folders are commonly used in print shops and generally handle a higher volume of paper than most friction feed models.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, 3 Things to Ask a Copier Service Company

Getting a copier service contract when buying your first office copier or switching service companies are both big decisions.  You should do the research on the different machines.  Try to see if you can find out the reliability record of the particular makes and models that you’re interested in, by not only talking to sales people, but also service reps, who service the equipment.  Research to see if the makes and models have won any awards; then figure out what options you need and whether or not you can justify the cost to get them, and try to identify if the company will provide you good service for the price quoted.  Here are 3 good things you should inquire about when talking to your sales representative.

First, are all the technicians trained on the models you are interested in and can you see proof?  You'd be surprised how many companies have only one or two technicians actually trained on a particular machine.  Also, how can they guarantee a response time with only two techs trained on that model? Most, if not all manufacturers provide trained technicians with a certificate when training is completed. Service managers should have a copy of it on file as well as access to their transcripts. The transcripts show everything that a technician is trained on.

Second, do they guarantee a technician on premise response time?  Most companies average a 4-8 hours response time. That is the time when a technician actually walks in through the door.  Some companies state that "response time" means when you get a phone call from the technician letting you know that they received your call.  Make sure you know what their definition of response time is, so you know what you’re actually agreeing to and what their guarantee is.

Third, what happens if they guarantee a technician through the door in 4-8 hours and he doesn't show up?  Do you get something for free?  Do you get some sort of refund or credit?  Do you get a loaner machine, if your machine is down?  If not; what's the point of the guarantee?

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Large Format Copiers

When you need copying done on a massive scale you need to turn to large format copiers to do the job. A normal sized copier usually has a maximum copy size of 11x17 which is good enough for everyday needs at the office.  Anything larger required, then you will probably have to use a large format copier to carry out the task.  A wide format copier does not use stacks of paper, but instead it uses a roll of paper which can handle various large print formats.

Wide format printers are typically used for building plans and design drawings by designers and architects.  Other uses include printing; signs, banners and GIS maps.  Great for large graphics, wide format copiers give you an edge over the competition at presentations and business meetings.  Wide format copiers differ in size and function.  There are machines that do a variety of jobs and act as copiers, printers, and even scanners.

Firstly; you should decide what functions you need, and list your primary usages, before buying a copier. Is sharp imaging and colors your number one priority?  Or do you just need a fast copier that can produce volume quickly?  Also, consider getting a multifunctional machine which can do more than just copy.  Purchasing a machine that can handle various jobs will take up less space and save you money.

An all-in-one copier will give you the option to print from your computer or direct from a memory card. Furthermore, it will save you the headache of having to configure lots of separate machines that an all-in-one machine can do.  Whether you're going to purchase an all-in-one, or separate machines you'll need a decent amount of space.  Wide format copiers are huge and can take up considerable space. Make sure you have enough room to install one first.  For correct installation, it's wise to get a specialist to avoid making any mistakes.

Canon, HP, and Xerox are all manufacturers of a range of large printers and copiers.  In addition, they manufacture standard printers, copiers and scanners.  You might want to think about other options since wide format printers are highly expensive.  Outsourcing your large copying or printing might actually be a cheaper option.  You should also consider the recurrent expenses involved with operating a printer.  We all know how much printing toner can cost.

Two other expenses you should calculate are paper and routine maintenance.  When you tally up all the costs, it can be quite a shocking figure and perhaps enough for you to give up on buying one and just find a company who can take care of your wide printing.  You can find a printing shop that is capable of wide printing in most towns.  For companies that pride themselves for getting things done timely and speedily, then perhaps outsourcing isn't the solution.

You never know what's going to happen when you rely on another company to do a job for you and if you have important clients to satisfy, it may not be a risk worth taking.  Sometimes to make it as a business, you have to spend money and out-do other companies in terms of speed and quality to survive in this market today.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Rent A Copier, See And Feel Results

We live in a fast society of digital communication.  The problem is with a wide array of text messages, emails, phone calls, and voice mails coming in at a seemingly endless clip, we rarely have the chance to slow down and immerse ourselves in the information being disseminated.  Instead we respond quickly and efficiently, but without any sort of depth of insight; and with very little hands on intensive care.  Focused attention is difficult in the age of the internet.  It is even more difficult when you are trying to read a document on a screen smaller than the palm of your hand.

This is why copier leasing is still a vital investment for any business.  Emails are great in a pinch, but big products require big reports, with easily understood information presented in ways that makes it more thorough and more demonstrable.  We want to be able to explain something effectively and a well-made chart or graph can make that so much easier.  But that same chart or graph that explodes on the pages of a report printed in eye popping color on a copier rental, looks like a tiny view of colorful nothingness on a smart phone.

When you rent a copier you are making employees and your own jobs so much more effective and way more focused.  It is important to have a method of sharing information that is not easily deletable.  A hard copy of a report can make your case better than even the best Power Point presentation.  Even if that report is just a Power Point presentation printed up and filled out with text, the ability of colleagues and clients being able to take a hard copy home for studying and note taking makes all your work far more valuable to your whole organization.  Copier leases are not so expensive that it would make them prohibitive.  In the long run the quality of work facilitated by the presence of copier leases will likely make up the cost a dozen times over.

In this day and age when everything is digital, you can highlight your work and stand out from the crowd by keeping the tactile sensation of a report on the table.  People will become more informed about the goings on at your company and more prepared to deal with challenges. When you rent a copier you are not just helping the company make hard copies of documents.  You are creating a corporate culture that values permanence and values note taking.  You are creating a culture that values real physical work.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, How to Fix a Jammed Paper Folder

The Paper folder can be a very important machine in your office, especially if you do a lot of paper-folding jobs.  This machine will save you more time and money along with doing the work very well.  You will also find that this will improve the productivity of an office, where many people are employed.

Unfortunately, this machine sometimes can become jammed; so that you cannot produce your work very well.  A jammed paper folder can be caused by the many moving parts in the machine.  If your paper folder is jammed, there are some steps that you can take to fix the problem.  After fixing the problem, you will be able to use the machine to continue doing all of your folding work.

The first thing that you should do is to turn off the machine.  You should also turn off the power so that you can fix it safely.  You can do it by unplugging the power cable from the wall outlet.  Then you can start fixing the machine after removing all of your jewellery that you are wearing. This is done in order not to get your jewellery caught in the machine.

The second thing that you should do is to check and inspect parts of the machine.  Begin looking in the fold plates.  You should make sure that the installation of the fold plates is correct.  If you are not sure, that they are installed correctly, you can take them out and then reinstall them after you check them.  You will hear a "click" sound when the fold plates are correctly installed.

The third thing that you should do is to remove all scraps of paper in the machine.  For this, you have to make sure that you look inside the machine so that you can find the scraps of paper that might be stuck in the machine.   This is because scraps of paper can possibly cause the jams.  In this matter, you should pay full attention to the fold plates when you’re looking for scraps of paper.

The next thing that you should do is to give the machine a test run.  You should insert a piece of paper into the paper folder machine and observe it thru a fold cycle.  By doing this, you will find the place where the paper gets caught up.

After that, you should look at the rollers of the machine.  If they are worn out by either being swollen, flared, or dirty, you will find that the machine will jam.  If the rollers are dirty, you should clean them gently using soap and water and never use alcohol on rubber rollers.

The last thing that you should do is to check the paper feed of the machine. You have to make sure that it is feeding straight.  This will allow the paper to correctly feed into the paper fold plates.  If the paper feed is fed crooked, you should straighten it.  Now, you can enjoy finished folded papers using the machine.  Additionally, make sure that you do the correct maintenance, so that the machine will not easily get jammed.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Several Things You Should Know About Folding Machines

Constructing a book needs to fold the papers so that folding machine is very important to do this purpose. You will find that this machine will make the job easily so that you will be able to fold the bulk of papers together.  This machine has been used since long time ago. For more information about the machine, you should read the following information.

When talking about the types of folding machine, you will find that there are three main types of this machine.  Those three types are the buckle or plate, the knife and the combination folder.  For the third type of this machine, you will find that this uses buckle and a knife in some of the different stages.

The work of each type of folding machine is different.  For the buckle type folder, the machine works by creating a fold when the backstop is hit by the piece of paper.  In this case, the paper is taken through a set of rollers into a folding plate. After that, the paper will be buckled and forced downward into a set of nip rollers.  Then, the nip rollers will grab the sheet of paper at the buckle before pulling it through and compressing a fold into the sheet of paper.

For the knife folder, you will find that the fold is made by using a blunt steel blade.  The blade will push the internal part of the paper that will be folded between two rollers.  Meanwhile, the combination folder works by propelling the sheet to further units, to have further folds.  The knife folders will make the folds that are parallel and then create a  buckle that will incorporate with the knife folding units so that the sheet will be folded at the right angels.

Nowadays, there are many options of folding machines available in the market.  You will find that the one that is modern is able to process sheets that are 4 by 4 inches up to 26 by 26 inches measurements. In some special cases though, the machine can fold up to 50 by 74 inches.  Moreover, there is also folding machines that are able to fold a sheet of 128 pages to produce sections of 32 pages each.  These are typically used in commercial type environments and are considered very high end.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Stop Going to the Copy Store, Be Your Own Printer - Benefits of the Multifunction Copier

In today's business there is always more than enough work and never enough time.  There is a constant running over to the printers for reports, meeting documents, and advertising flyers.  With just a regular copy machine, trying to make copies yourself will have you spending hours standing by the copy machine.  Investing in a multifunction copier, printer, scanner and fax machine can eliminate all of that time-wasting and then some.  It is your copier, printing service, fax machine, scanner and binder all in one.

The Features
Multifunction copiers have many features, so it’s best to know what all you need.  If you already have faxing set up in your business or home business; you would not need a multifunction copier that had a fax machine option on it, but you may need one that had the scanner feature on it, or that deal with colored copies so on and so forth.

Most multifunction copiers feature:

  • Faxing
  • Printing
  • Copying
  • Scanning
  • Binding or Finishing
  • Color and black and white printing

What to Look For Before Buying
It is advised to look out for certain things before you just go jump in and buy a MFC (multi-function copier).   Your multi-function copier is about to eliminate the high cost of outsource printing.  Review the type of document handling you do most, and buy accordingly.  If business cards are a regular necessity, then your chosen copier should have this feature on it.  No more placing high volume orders for business cards you don't need.  Remember to consider brand names.  This is one case where they do matter.  Top Arlington Heights copier brands include Canon, Copystar, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba, and Xerox.

Speed - Standing in front of the copier waiting for it to slowly work, creates hidden costs in valuable time.  The higher the speed of the multifunctional copier, the more it is going to cost you; but the reality is, it will probably save you money in the long run; when the workload flows more efficiently.  Speed is good, so you want to get the fastest model you can afford.  Over 20 pages per minute is highly recommended in today’s market.

Memory - Same thing goes for memory, the more memory the higher the cost.  If you are using your multifunction copier for a home office or small business the standard 8MB will probably get you by okay.  If you are dealing with larger documents, then a higher memory such as 64MB or higher may be in order.

Automatic document feeder - Gone are the days of having to self feed the paper into the printer, because if you lay down to big a pile of paper in the printer, you’ll probably end up with a paper jam.  With the self automated feature you do not have to worry about that, simply load in 25-75 sheets and let it go.

You'll wonder how you ever functioned the old way.  Isn't it time you did your business a favor and treated it to some first-class products and service with an Arlington Heights style Copier?  More importantly - can you afford not to?  Come by our website today, so that we can set you up with one of the Canon, Copystar, Konica-Minolta, Kyocera, Ricoh, Sharp, Toshiba, or Xerox multifunction type copiers which would be right for your application.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Advantage of Sharp Copiers

Sharp copier is one of the most reliable copiers around.  It is recommendable for its ability to do a multiplicity of printing, coping, scanning, & faxing tasks, yet giving you consistent results each time out, unless you tamper with the settings.

They come in many different varieties and it is up to you to go for the one that is suitable for the kind and amount of work that you have to accomplish and also one that is pocket friendly to you.
Many factors come into place, once you consider buying a copier.  One, you will have to consider the size of the machine depending on how much space you have in the office.

Secondly, you may want to know the features that are within the copier so that you do not miss out on a feature that your kind of work may really need and demand. On the other hand you do not want one that is too complicated for simple use.

Thirdly, with the ever changing technological advances, you may feel that it may be expensive to replace your sharp copier, every time there is an advanced model of the same, in the market.  You may therefore want to consider renting one from the rental shops.  However, this option will require you to know how much the rental stores charge per month and the policy they have in regard to maintenance and repairs.

More information regarding the sharp copier may be obtained from the Internet.  You can then verify this information from the sharp copier office stores or from their authorized dealers.  If you want, you may also consider an Independent Reseller and possibly get a savings on certain new and refurbished models anywhere from 25%-75% of MSRP.  Once you have all the details on your finger tips, all that remains is for you to select the copier you want, pay for it and transfer it to your office.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Efficiency and Style With the Kyocera D2035dn Copier/Printer

It is debatable what the most important machine in a small to medium sized busy office is?  Is it the coffee machine or the desk-top printer?  I expect that the answer to this depends on how anyone is able to function without either one of these machines.  However a coffee machine cannot copy and a copy machine cannot make coffee, so perhaps it is wisest to have both!  The Kyocera D2035dn printer does not have coffee making as one of its capabilities, but it certainly has many other capabilities.

If you are looking for a reliable desktop multi-functional copier to assist in the day-to-day functioning of your busy office, this printer/copier will certainly provide a fully functional option.  For sharp, distinct and professional looking documents, it cannot be beaten for price.  It produces monochrome copies of up to 1800 x 600 dpi.

The Kyocera D2035dn printer is a flatbed copier, which also comes standard with a 50 page document feeder.  The document feeder provides a fast way to copy large documents of high quality at a low cost.

This is a marvelous printer for any home or small to medium sized office.  It will perfectly compliment you fax machine and is very user friendly.  A 250 page in-put tray holds both letter and legal sized paper and the printer can both copy and scan in color in one simple footprint.  Kyocera D2035dn printer has made office tasks simpler than ever with its feature rich options.

The flat-bed design simplifies making copies of books and magazines, which are both scanned and copied easily.  Reductions and enlargements may be made of between 25-400% in 1% increments, and it comes complete, packaged with everything you require to get started.  That is a CD Rom for both set up and installation, an imaging drum yielding up to 100k copies/prints or 3 years  whichever comes first , starter toner, power cord, auto document feeder and user guide.  However your printer cable is not included.

A user friendly control panel will alert users to any potential problems and you can make copies without having to be connected to a computer.  Connecting to a network is a simple matter and there are a variety of network connections available.  The Kyocera D2035dn printer is suitable for use with both Apple Mac OS and Windows for PC, and scans for both these operating systems in color and black and white.

There is a standard limited warranty of one year, which is normal for any type of equipment of this nature, while copy speeds are according to manufacturer's specifications, 35 per minute.
The Kyocera D2035dn printer can make as many as 99 copies at a time.  However there is one very important factor which cannot be overlooked.  Machinery which is this technologically advanced must be operated with the correct consumables, so ensure you use Kyocera D2035dn toner.  The printer itself is very affordable, so you don't want anything expensive to repair going wrong with it due to incorrect use of toner.

Summary: As far as desktop copiers go, the Kyocera D2035dn printer has rich features and efficiency on its side.  Of course there is also affordability to be considered and this is certainly not secondary.  It is a stylish printer which will do pretty much anything you ask of it.  Just be certain and always use original Kyocera D2035dn toner.  

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Canon Printers As The Best On The Market

When you go out to seek Canon printers, remember that they must suit your specifications and the magnitude of your work.  Make sure you scout on your own; ask around for opinions and gather information from professional experts available to you, or through the internet.  Gather enough information before the purchase, striving to ensure that you do not rely on secondary information, but your own opinion.

Canon Printers; right now are the most common type in the market.   They are used on a world wide scale, their efficiency and reliability are well documented.  They are manufactured by a company called Canon, a leading manufacturer of cameras as well.  Their accessories are also easily available and easy to use.  Therefore, it would be a good decision to consider this brand because should they need any kind of repair, it will not be too difficult to get a service provider.
Depending on the type of work you intend to do, there are different arrays of such machines to offer.  They serve to satisfy customers at all possible levels so whether you are engaging in printing for your business or for leisure, there are Canon printers that will suit your specifications.  With their level of technological advancements, finding the most appropriate machine will not be a back-breaking task.

They offer multi-functional types, that are suitable for use in the office as well as at home.  They are compact and easy to understand.  It includes a copier and a scanner for efficient printing through modern computers.  They offer a sharper resolution and have an impressive print speed.  They also have slots for media support to ensure flexibility in using them.  This is a suitable first-time choice.
They have laser printers which are reputable for being user friendly.  These easy to use machines offer high printing speeds with excellent laser clarity and crisp imaging.  They are unique to most others, because they require far less maintenance; hence can be very convenient at home or in an office.  There are also the color-lasers which are suitable for work-group printing and colored documents.  They use separate single-color cartridges to ensure maximum efficiency in bringing out the color.

Then they have the impressive portable ones which can print from virtually anywhere.  You can carry them on business trips to ensure that you get what you need without having to rely on time-consuming and expensive faxes.  These are particularly convenient because they have USB slots as well as in-built wireless connectivity.  This enables a user to do his work from anywhere he is and it can save lots of time for you.

Lastly, they produce state of the art inkjet printers which are user friendly with a variety of features. They provide clear, quality work and can be used for photos as well. Some of them come with wireless connectivity hence enabling you to print conveniently and hassle free.

Therefore, when you find the best Canon printers, it is important to give them frequent maintenance. Clean them on a regular basis and use quality printing paper to ensure the job you do is perfect.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Shopping for Xerox Machines Online

Living in the digital age comes with a lot of benefits. Online shopping has taken over the world and more people are frequenting the malls far less than before. The business owner can take advantage of online shopping as well. You've got a company to run. Who has time to visit stores trying to order your supplies? Consider all the wonderful benefits of ordering Xerox copy machines for your company online.

The best part about shopping for copy machines online is the incredible convenience. You can shop at any time, whether that be 10 am or 2 am, and research Xerox copy machines and find the best models for your business. You don't have to browse through dozens of catalogs or take a trip to any stores. Whenever you can make the time, the online stores will be waiting. You can also enjoy an amazing selection. Retail stores can only hold so much in their stockrooms, but an online store can house all their products in a warehouse. No waiting for orders to be stocked. You can quickly find whichever machine you are looking for and compare features and prices.

When you shop online, you can browse numerous stores all at once, searching for great deals and discounts. Major retailers are forced to sell their Xerox machines at certain prices and can't offer better deals. Keep in mind though; it's easy to find better prices at other companies. Delivery can be made right to your company, along with installation and often times a tutorial on how to use the machine. Smaller online companies are also more willing to offer repair service.  A larger retail store may have thousands of customers and making an appointment for a repair can sometimes be very difficult.

Another advantage to shopping online is reading customer reviews and testimonials. When you visit a store, the salesman will do his best to sell you whichever model is the most expensive, regardless of how well it performs. Online, you can find out just what other buyers think of the copier machines and find the one that fits both your needs and your budget. Read up on which models to avoid and which ones outperform the rest.

A company needs three items to make it work: a smart boss, great employees, and an awesome Xerox copier. The first two are hard to find, but it's simple to get the third when you shop online for the best products and pries.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Call 847-398-5212, Need a Paper Folding Machines?

At some point in your life you have probably sat down to a table for a paper folding party.  This usually involves a group of employees, or interns, grabbing stacks of printed paper and folding them for a mailing or distribution.  This can usually take several hours to a few days, depending on the amount of paper to be folded.  Usually you end up with a lot of crooked folds and several paper cuts.
An invention was created several years ago to remedy this problem.  It is commonly referred to as a paper folder.  

It is a machine that uses a combination of a motor and folding plates to fold the paper for you.  Paper folders range in size from manual setup types to fully automated type machines.
Desktop paper folders are compact machines, usually smaller than a printer that administrative assistants and other employees can use to occasionally fold paper.  Although not designed for mass paper folding, they are great for sending out occasional letters.  These machines usually cost no more than a few hundred dollars.

Friction-feed folders use rubber rollers to grab paper, pull it into the machine fold plates and fold it. These machines range in size and capabilities, but are all much faster than manually folding paper.  Friction-feed models use two folding plates.  These plates can be adjusted to accommodate various folds, from letter and Z folds to single and gate folds.

Friction feed paper folders are broken down into manual, semi-automatic and automatic.  The manual folders require the folding plates to be adjusted by hand.  This usually involves loosening a few thumbscrews and sliding folding plates for the fold being done.  The semi-automatic folding machines still require some manual setup, but an indicator light or control panel makes it easier to select the fold.  The fully automatic paper folders adjust themselves after you enter the desired fold on the control panel.

Friction-feed paper folders do not work well with glossy paper as the rollers can sometimes slip on the slick surface causing a paper jam.  This is where pneumatic (air-feed) folders come into play.  Pneumatic models us an air compressor to help suck paper through the machine.  Pneumatic models are great for high volume jobs and the folding of slick/glossy paper.

Although paper folders are a great way to fold paper, and are widely used by churches, schools, print shops along with many businesses, they sometimes have a hard time justifying the cost.  Paper folders range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the type.  If your business does fold a lot of paper by hand, remember that you are paying employees for the time they could otherwise be doing other work.  Most find that after a year or two, the machine has paid for itself.

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